What is an exchange ?

Cryptocurrency exchangesopen in new window like Binanceopen in new window , Coinbaseopen in new window ou Kucoinopen in new window are online platforms where you can exchange an asset for another one based on the market value.

To make it simple, after creating an account, the exchange will allow you to buy an amount of a cryptocurrency in exchange for your euros, dollars or other cryptocurrency (they usually take a fee for that). Be careful; in reality, you don’t really “own” the cryptocurrency you will buy there: if you don’t own the private key, you have a “promise” that an exchange owes you some assets.

Most exchanges also offer tools for trading cryptocurrency. For example, Coinbase provides this toolopen in new window.

More interesting in our case, most exchanges offer API for trading like the coinbase APIopen in new window. Instead of spending hours trading in front of your computer, you can write a program that trades for you. Cassandre is here to help you to do that.

One last point, some exchanges offer a sandbox that allows you to trade on the “simulated platform” with fake assets like Kucoin sandboxopen in new window.