The configuration file can be found in: src/main/resources/

Here is an example:

# Exchange configuration.
# Modes.
# Exchange API calls rates (In ms or standard ISO 8601 duration like 'PT5S').
# Database configuration.

Exchange configuration

The Exchange configuration part contains the parameters used by Cassandre to connect to the exchange you chose. The first parameter driver-class-name is the XChangeopen in new window class Cassandre should use to connect.

The other parameters are given by your exchange when you will create an API access.

You can learn more about exchange configuration here.


Cassandre has two modes:

  • The sandbox, only supported by some exchanges, allows you to use a 'fake account' on the exchange to make your bot run with simulated data. Kucoin & Coinbase supports this.
  • The dry makes Cassandre simulate an exchange. This mode allows you to test your strategy on historical data and see how many gains it generates. This mode is usually used with JUnit tests.


rates parameters tells Cassandre at which interval it should retrieve data from the exchange.

Database configuration

Those parameters indicate the parameters Cassandre must use to connect to its database (Cassandre creates the database structure when it starts).