How to review code


  • Variables in package order (batch, domain, dto, repository, service...), then strategy.

Core code (not tests & not archetypes)

  • Check class comment and see if there is a right usage of {@link}.
  • Instance variable should have the same name as its class like: UserService userService.
  • No new line between method start ({) and method end (}).
  • When a variable represents an id, say it in the name like 'carId'.
  • When a variable is DTO, say it in the name like carDTO.
  • Check logs texts.
  • No point at the end of logs texts.
  • Add @ExcludeFromCoverageGeneratedReport when it's required.
  • Use of Optional.ofNullable() instead of "if (x != null) return x.getAnyValue()".
  • In services, first line of implementations is a log.

Test code

  • No comment on class.
  • Test class with Package - Class @DisplayName("Batch - Account flux").
  • Method name and display name should declare with it tests @DisplayName("Check received data")