This page describes the project organization.

Cassandre trading bot is provided as a spring boot starter. This is why you can find two projects in the sources: trading-bot-spring-boot-autoconfigure & trading-bot-spring-boot-starter.

This package contains tasks that can run without end-user interaction, or can be scheduled.

  • AccountFlux: calls the exchange to retrieve accounts & balances.

  • OrderFlux: calls the exchange to retrieve orders.

  • PositionFlux: pushes positions update.

  • TickerFlux: calls the exchange to retrieve the tickers requested by the user strategy.

  • TradeFlux: calls the exchange to retrieve trades.

This package contains auto configuration Classes that configures our beans.

Objects from the business specific area that represent something we want to store.

Data transfer objects (

Objects that carries data between processes.

Isolate the application/business layer from the persistence layer.

Offers high level services.

Strategy management.

Utility classes.

  • base: base classes.

  • dto: common dto.

  • exception: exception management.

  • mapper: mappers.

  • parameters: parameters management.

  • validator: custom validator for parameters.